Monday, March 25, 2013

Kpop: Heo Young-Saeng

Heo Young-Saeng was the well known lead vocalist of the Korean  boy band SS501. Once his contract with DSP Media expired in 2010, he left to begin a solo career, signing on with B2M Entertainment. His debut solo mini album, Let It Go was released in 2011. Heo Young Saeng has also been working on establishing himself as an actor. He has had cameos in several sitcoms and dramas including Boys Over Flowers and Nonstop. It was recently announced that he has a part in the Korean sitcom I Need A Fairy (Sent From Heaven) and B2M Entertainment has indicated that he will be part of the Summer Snow musical.

The two video's I've posted here show a very diverse artist with good vocals and definitely a great theatrical side.

From his second mini album, Crying:

For a completely different look, and a totally fun style of video, The Art of Seduction from the 3rd mini album, Life:

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