Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

who dreamed of becoming a great engineer."

Children's author, Andrea Beaty has done it again with another beautifully illustrated, engaging picture book that encourages young people to follow their passion in life. It's a lesson best learned early in life.

Little Rosie Revere is shy and likes to collect stuff so she can make gadgets and gizmos. When she was younger she showed a favourite uncle, Zookeeper Fred one of her inventions. When the invention failed, his ridicule made Rosie determined to keep her passion for creating things hidden. Until one day she meets her great-great-aunt Rose who has a dream to fly. Might Rosie help her great-great-aunt achieve  her dream?

So Rosie sets to inventing and creating once again. But when her invention doesn't work, great-great-aunt Rose tells little Rosie that failure is only a brief stop on the road to success.

This is a wonderful story told in rhyme about the value of perseverance and how we mustn't let failure or other people stop us from achieving our dreams. In a world where so many young people struggle to find their niche, it's a reminder to find our passion and make it work. People who do what they are passionate about are happier and more successful than those who are motivated by other reasons.
Rosie Revere, Engineer is illustrated by David Roberts who used watercolors, pen, and ink on Arches paper. He also used pencil and graph paper to give the pictures a mathematical or engineering atmosphere.  This is a lovely picture book with an important message for everyone, adults and children alike.

Book Details:
Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts.
New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers 2013

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