Monday, April 16, 2007

Library Humour: Part 2

As I've mentioned in my profile, one of my areas of interest in librarianship is the information seeking behaviour of various user-groups in the academic library. My areas of interest include the information-seeking behaviour of science librarians and also how students use Google to locate information on the Internet.
However, in my search on the web, I recently came across a special user group that I've not read about. To read more about the research skills of this user group click the link below.

This link provides evidence of the kind of cutting-edge research into information-seeking behaviour that is being undertaken by librarians these days. It is a webpage devoted to the information seeking behaviour of peeps
which I think many of our library staff will find very informative. The webpage covers beginning library research, advanced library research skills and the library behaviours (positive and negative) of peeps. (Some peeple have ALOT of spare time !)

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