Friday, April 6, 2007

Book Review

I recently decided that I would officially collect children's picture books, since I own so many of them.I like these books to have attractive illustrations and an engaging story. Rachel's Library has both. The cover, as you can see by the photo in this post, is very colourful and each page inside is the same, with beautiful paintings in deep reds, blues and greens. The author, Richard Ungar, is a lawyer by profession, but obviously, also a talented painter and storyteller.Smileys
Rachel's Library is about a young girl who lives in the village of Chelm. The villagers are seeking a way to show outsiders that there is something special about their town. And it is Rachel who comes up with a unique idea, one that all the people of Chelm can participate in - a library! And, what a library!
This book is suitable for children from 7 to 10 years of age. I look forward to reading Ungar's other books, Rachel's Gift and Rachel Captures the Moon.

Book Details:
Rachel's Library
by Richard Ungar
2004 Tundra Books

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