Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Generals by Scott Chantler

In March of 1943, Scott Chantler's grandfather, Law Chantler, shipped out across the Atlantic for active service with the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, along with his best friend, Jack, a fellow officer. Not long afterward, they would find themselves making a rocky crossing of the English Channel, about to take part in one of the most pivotal and treacherous military operations of World War II: the Allied invasion of Normandy. Told through the eyes of everyday heroes, Two Generals is a story about friendship, and the tragedies and absurdities of war.

This is  one of the few graphic novels I've read this year and it was quite good. Very readable with excellent art done in sepia and black and white. Dramatic scenes were done in red. The story was interesting and I learned a lot about the Canadian troops struggles to help in the liberation of Caen, France. In fact, I felt the book captured the tremendous difficulties Canadian troops encountered during this part of the campaign to liberate France.

The entire book from the cover design to the quality of the paper used and the excellent art demonstrate that this book meant a great deal to Scott - it is the telling of his grandfather's story. In fact, the book is styled to look somewhat like a personal diary.

While there is some profanity throughout, overall Chantler does a very good job of making what is obviously  a very personal subject engaging and informative.

Book Details:

Two Generals by Scott Chantler
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2010

137 pp.

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