Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Obstinate Pen by Frank W. Dormer

When Uncle Flood receives a new pen he sets out to write, but the pen has it's own idea of what should be written. When he writes, "The following story is all true.", the pen writes, "You have a BIG nose." After several attempts at writing, in total exasperation, Uncle Flood tosses his pen. But each new owner finds the pen has more than just it's own mind. It's downright obstinate! with its cheeky remarks that both amuse and annoy each new owner. That is until Horace comes into possession of the pen.

This incredibly funny book is a great read aloud that appeals to both children and adults alike. Frank Dormer's pen and water colour illustrations are not to be missed.

If you'd like to view more of Dormer's work you can check out his blog, My Brain On Paper.

Book Details:
The Obstinate Pen by Frank W. Dormer
New York: Henry Holt and Company    2012
32 pp.

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