Friday, August 10, 2012

Kpop: Psy

Korean pop artist, Psy, whose latest offering, Gangnam Style has gone viral, is known for his unique style and quirky sense of humour. Thirty-four year old Psy (his real name is Park Jae Sang) who is under the YG Entertainment label, has been around for at least a decade.  Psy's Psy was educated in the United States, having attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  Primarily a hip hop artist, Psy's style has been somewhat controversial and somewhat unusual, as evidenced by this video and others he done. 

On one level, Gangnam Style is a video parody of the lifestyle of people in the trendy, wealthy Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea.  Gangnam district is south of the Han River which is where S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, two of the big three Korean record labels are located and is the Korean equivalent of Beverly Hills, where only the uber rich can afford to live.During the day it is the place to shop, at night it's the place to party.

On another level the song is about someone who tries to demonstrate that he has what it takes (calm, savvy but can party when needs to) to get the girl(s) of his dreams (smart, stylish and fun to be with). And he has the "moves". Those moves are the most notorious feature of Gangnam Style; the geeky "horse riding dance" which occurs throughout the video. Psy does this dance everywhere;in boats, elevators, stables, amusement parks, tennis courts and it is hilarious. All this accompanied by a catchy tune, a driving beat and the repetitive "Oppa Gangnam style" chant.

Psy incorporates many well known Korean stars in this video; the major one being Kim Hyun-a who is a popular singer, dancer and rapper currently with 4Minute. Hyun-a is the object of Psy's attention in this video as he tries to convince her he is the stylish man she needs. His meeting with her on the subway is dramatic and comical.

Gangnam Style is the first release from Psy's sixth album, Psy 6 (Sixth Rules). Enjoy this crazy video and expect many parodies:

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