Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oddrey by Dave Whamond

 Oddrey is cute little girl, with her short black hair and her red and white striped tights. But Oddrey is a very different girl. She's unlike anyone else. Oddrey likes to do the unexpected and she doesn't mind being different. She likes blue apples and crazy hop-scotch games. While her classmates get "run-of-the mill" light-bulb ideas, Oddrey gets ideas so big and unusual, she needs a chandelier to represent them!
But sometimes being different and choosing your own path can be challenging. Oddrey wishes she had friends who are just like her. Despite her disappointment at being cast as a tree in her school play, Oddrey decides to be the best tree she can. When things go awry during the play though, Oddrey's creative approach saves the day. Afterwards, Oddrey isn't quite so odd anymore.

Canadian author-illustrator Dave Whamond is the winner of the 2011 Blue Spruce Award for My Think-A-Ma-Jink. His work has appeared in OWL, Chickadee, and National Geographic Award.

Oddrey is a delightful picture book, reminding us that each person is unique and special and that we all have gifts worth sharing. An ideal book for Reading Buddies programs, Oddrey is an Owlkids Books. Their website offers free Oddrey activity pages for children to enjoy.

Book Details:
Oddrey by Dave Whamond
Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2012

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