Saturday, June 29, 2013


MBLAQ or Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality is a Kpop band which debuted in 2009. The group initially consisted of Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheongdung, and Mir and was formed under the Korean label, J. Tune Entertainment which was founded by Kpop star, Rain.

Although the group has done very well over the past few years, in 2012 they lost two members, Mir and G.O, who left to form an new group. In 2013, the group made a comeback (as all Korean groups do!) with the release of the single "Smoky Girl".

This is one of the few recent Kpop singles that has attracted my attention for several reasons. First of all I love the fact that the video was shot in black and white, colour and also with the use of black lights. Then there's the funky set at the beginning with what look to be chess pieces. The dance break at the beginning of the video is great because it highlights the terrific dance choreography which emphasizes the strong, pulsing beat. One of my favourite things about Kpop music is the ability of viewers to watch and enjoy the dancing, something American music never quite lets you do with its 5 second camera shots. There's a lengthy rap section that leads to just more of the dancing and singing alternating with the catchy refrain of "Smoky Girl".

What I liked about this song was the focus on just the song and the dancing. Nothing crazy but just pure music with a good, strong beat. Even the set was simple. A nice change from the Kpop we've been served up throughout most of the past few months.

Watch the video and see what you think!

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