Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have been investigating the social bookmarking service, and yes, I think it's divine but I remain unconvinced that I would want to continue using this service. For one thing I have tons of favs saved on my computer (all very organized) but some of them are personal interests (ie. political websites for example) that I don't care to share with the rest of the world.

The "delicious" buttons were relatively easy to install on my browser at home although I installed these one day and then the following day was informed that I had to reinstall them because a new version was now available. That was slightly annoying.

I chose a few of my favourites to place on delicious and then I chose to edit the titles of some of the links because I lengthy webpage titles. Let's make it short and sweet.

I also wanted to place delicious on my sidebar in a manner similar to what I did with mylibrary. I needed to find the necessary code, so I selected "link" under Blog at the bottom of my delicious webpage.

This leads to a help page ( in delicious which produces html/javascript code to be used in your blog. This page also allows you to style how this widget will look on your blog. You can choose the number of items to display, whether you want tags or notes displayed and so forth. You must be signed into delicious to use the template. After you have tweeked the widget the way you want, simply copy it by highlighting and right clicking.
You can then place this widget in your blog by selecting the template, add a page element, and selecting html code element. Once the html code box is open, paste the code from delicious into the box and save.

A word of warning though to those of you who are using Wordpress. Wordpress does not allow the use of javascript in widgets on its site. I believe this is because it can be easy for those people who are interested in making life difficult for the rest of us, to alter the code and redirect visitors to other sites.

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scribbit said...

I agree. I've looked into social bookmarks a bit and even when they bring a surge of new hits (my husband's site, for example, got over 4000 in one day from Stumbleupon) the fame is usually short lived. It does help over time toward gradually increasing viewers because when you get that kind of attention a few might come back but it's not the take off for blogging that one might think it is.

And good luck with the Modern Comedy. I hadn't had the stamina to tackle the last part of the trilogy yet. Maybe some other time.