Friday, March 23, 2007

Library innovation from delicious

Well, I have been searching delicious lately and I've found a few interesting sites that I've decided to bookmark.
One in particular (check it out)seems like it would be especially useful for our university libraries which are undergoing restructuring and renovation. Based on some of the items on the above website I have some suggestions for purchases the library might make to enhance both staff performance and the library environment.

1. This first idea would be very useful for those involved in library management. It is the conference bike. Since there are many changes planned for the campus libraries, what better way to have staff meetings, planning meetings and even interviews! According to the webpage, the conference bike builds intimacy and lowers inhibitions. Perfect for those meetings where you're trying to sell a new idea that's sure to garner lots of resistance!

2. For any future library renovations, and I'm thinking of the Thode Science and Engineering Library in particular, the addition of slides to move from floor to floor would be sweet. Of course, these would be open only to staff. After all, the slides would be installed to enhance the efficiency of staff and the work environment of the library and NOT for the enjoyment of library users.

3. Another useful piece of library furniture is the bibliochaise. These could be utilized throughout the library in designated quiet areas. Perhaps we could have a bibliochaise for various subject areas; a math bibilochaise or CSA standard bibliochaise.

If you have any other innovative ways to restyle our campus libraries, please let me know.

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Colleen said...

That is hilarious! The bike is the funniest. Imagine our Librarians on that thing! I'm wondering though, it's a circle, I don't think it will be very efficient, but it sound like good exercise!